How to Use?

1. Sign Up / Create an account

For registration what you need is just your email address, and personal information
Upon your registration, you will get an unique User Code which is the used to identify your parcels.

2. Use your unique HantarJapan Shipping Address to shop

Use your HantarJapan Shipping Address when shopping in Malaysia. This will ensure that your package will be delivered to our hub and you will be able to track its swdtatus.

View My Personal Address

3. Declaring your package

Once you have the Tracking Number from your shopping site, please declare your package as soon as possible in your dashboard.

When your package reaches our hub, it will be checked in within 2 working days. You will recieve and email notification after we measure and weigh your package.


- Any declaration completed after the package(s) arrives at our hub may delay the shipping time.

- Any packages without declaration or with misleading information in the declaration will delay shipping to Japan.

Declare a new Package

4. Create an Order to consolidate your packages

You will receive an email notification once your package(s) arrives at our hub. Please double check your delivery address and shipping type on the order page.

We recommend to consolidate multiple Packages in one Order to save on shipping costs.

After your payment is settled, your shipment will be sent out from our hub within 1-2 working days.

For payment of shipping fee, we currently accept:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • FPX (online banking)
  • GrabPay
  • GooglePay
  • Manual Bank Transfer(coming soon)
  • Note

    Any unpaid packages will be stored at our Malaysia hub free for 21 days, and afterwards there will be an overdue storage fee of RM2 per day. For the details, please refer to “Pricing”.

    Create a new Order

    5. Receiving your goods

    Delivery to your address takes about 2-4 working days for EMS and 9-12 Days for Airmail.

    You may monitor the progress and tracking of your packages and orders from the dashboard.


    In case of Japan Customs inspection, the time of delivery may be delayed. Please wait 1-2 days extra.

    Track My Orders